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Should You Get Health Insurance Through A Membership Organization?

December 15th, 09

Everyone is seeking new and less expensive ways to get health insurance. The costs of having health insurance are often too taxing but the risks of not having health insurance are so potentially devastating that not having health insurance is inconceivable.

With all the health insurance options out there, there has to be one that is perfect for you. Membership organizations often offer health insurance. Should you get your health insurance through a membership organization?

Defining A Membership Organization

A membership organization is a collective of people that gives support in the form of resources and benefits to individuals all linked by some common element. One example of such a group is the Writers Guild of America. This group has the goal of supplying professional writers with resources and benefits.

One of the benefits that they offer is health insurance. The availability of health insurance from such organizations is tightly regulated so that only those who are appropriate members can join and take advantage of these benefits. Still, there are a great many organizations out there that provide benefits to those in the field with which they are associated.

Is Through A Membership Organization The Best Option?

As with so many insurance questions, the answer depends on the person asking the question. The easiest and arguably best way for most people to get health insurance is through an employer. The majority of employers offer health insurance to their employees that is attainable without a health exam. The employer also usually pays a portion of the premium, reducing the cost for the employee.

Many individuals, on the other hand, do not have employers. The number of self-employed individuals is growing and they do not have this option. Self-employed individuals either purchase health insurance directly from an insurance company or obtain health insurance through a membership organization.

Directly purchased health insurance will require physical exams and testing to determine if the individual will be approved for the policy. The premiums will be higher as well as there is no employer to contribute.

Instead of purchasing health insurance directly, consider insurance through a membership organization. Like insurance through an employer, the costs will be spread out over the group instead of falling squarely on the individual.

Lower premiums are possible when you become part of this type of health insurance plan just like with plans through an employer. Medical exams may be required and pre-existing conditions may or may not be covered but, in most cases, this is a better choice than an individual health insurance policy.

How Do You Choose A Membership Organization?

First, you need to find an organization that will accept you as a member. Second, you need to find out what kind of coverage the organizations that will accept you will provide. This leads to an inevitable part of the health insurance procurement process.

You have to shop around. There are no standard plans that all membership organizations offer so you could find a myriad of different policies. You just have to sort through them until you find one that will work well for you.

Health insurance through a membership organization is not for everyone but for many it is the best option available. Belonging to a group gives you more clout and allows the group to bear the burden instead of the individual. The self-employed do not have to be alone when it comes to health insurance.

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2 Responses to “Should You Get Health Insurance Through A Membership Organization?”
Neil Lafata says:

When looking for a membership organization to get health insurance make sure the health care insurance organization you’re interested in is credible. This is the important that must be noted.

Neva says:

The insurance underwriting company of the membership organization is equally harmful to agents. Your article is really nice and interesting to read. Informative too.

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